investing in real estate

In addition to his decades of experience, Brad Zackson brings decades of experience in real estate development, finance, and management to Dynamic Star, LLC. A real estate developer known for his creative approach and ability to identify market opportunities and anticipate future development trends, Brad Zackson has a proven track record of identifying market opportunities. During the past 25 years, Zackson has completed five million square feet of development projects, generating more than $3 billion in value.

In the late eighties and early nineties, Zackson managed and supervised over 45,000 units in the New York City area when he first began his career. Dynamic Realty, a company specialising in converting and reselling cooperatives and condominiums, was created during this period by Brad Zackson. During the next several years, he converted more than 5,000 apartments into co-op units and condominiums.

Zackson is employed by Dynamic Star, a full-service real estate development, investment, and marketing firm based in Greenwich, CT. Zackson has guided complex real estate projects throughout the development process for most of his career: navigating complex land use, zoning and underwriting requirements, investment analysis, buying, developing, managing, and operating properties, and marketing and selling.

investing in real estate

The collaboration between Zackson and local communities and government agencies is noteworthy. With close coordination with the city’s mayor, housing secretary, and the Inter-Development Bank, Zackson developed The Singapore Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 17,000-unit development for low-income families. The Zackson team worked closely with Miami’s local community leaders to rezone Biscayne Shores Village, which includes homes, shops, commercial space, and a park.

Zackson was also responsible for acquiring and assembling three significant Long Island City properties in recent years. Using a strategic combination of two adjacent properties owned by two different parties and the expedited purchase of air rights from the MTA, Zackson spearheaded the pre-construction development of the project, which is known as the “Clock Tower Building”.