Mariyamdawood is one of the most honored buildings among all three at CIME, which bears Bashir’s wife’s name. This building was dedicated to the Bashir’s house after the notable pledging support Mariyam provided to the project.

Great things done by Dawood family which allowed them to get such honor

In the present time, every people in Pakistan and also around the world respect the Dawood family because of the support they provided to common people. Because, of their help, now there are many universities who had become successful and famous throughout the world. So, as an honor, here are some of their great supports provided by the Dawood family-

  • They had endorsed several charities of not only Pakistan but also all around the world, which is incredible social work down by them.

  • The Dawood family also facilitate the creation of the sustainable as well as global health care solution, which was a proud moment for the Dawood family.
  • They also donated a huge amount of funds to many worldwide universities so that those universities could have a great future. Through their help, many of the universities were able to become one of the world’s most significant health cares.

In the present time, there are many family or association who are doing very good social work throughout the world. Mariyamdawood is one of them. They had many great things such endorsed several charities in Pakistan as well as in other parts of the world. Also, it allowed several universities to reach a great height by providing funds.