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CBD flower is a natural, organic and non-psychoactive compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has been used for thousands of years by humans to help them feel better and have fewer side effects from certain medications.

CBD flowers are grown for their medicinal properties rather than their psychoactive effects because they contain very little THC. This means you can consume them without getting high or feeling any kind of “high.”

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CBD Flowers available to be bought online


This is a great strain for beginners, as it has been around since the early days of hemp history. It’s easy to grow and can produce high yields even in small spaces. The effects are relaxing and uplifting with a slight cerebral buzz that makes you want to socialize with your friends or family while still having some alone time on your own at night when you’re ready for bed!


This strain offers up a classic sativa high; it’s long-lasting but not overpowering like some others out there. You might want to take breaks from smoking if you’re feeling overwhelmed by paranoia or anxiety issues though because then this strain may not be right for everyone! However if those feelings aren’t present then this could definitely be worth trying out!


It’s time to toast with a CBD strain that offers the same after-glass calm without the intoxication or headache the next day. Terpenes that are spicy and fruity mimic the flowery bouquets of a good, black pinot noir while generating the sweet perfume of a white riesling.


With just one puff of this trichome-rich CBD flower, you’ll understand where their name originates from. These sticky nugs are loaded with earthy scents that will give you a jolt of energy throughout the day. Gorilla Glue may be consumed at any time of day, however it works best during the day. Strong notes of rich chocolate, powerful coffee, and refreshing citrus combine to create a flavour that will keep you salivating and energetic all day.


Northern Lights is noted not just for its capacity to soothe and sedate you, but also for the stunning vivid orange hairs on its lime-green leaves. Although the actual origin of this strain is uncertain, it resembles Afghani and Thai strains. This strain has an earthy flavour with sweet and spicy overtones, providing you with the grounding sensation you want.

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