It is very important to maintain the temperature of the humidity in a gun safe because the high level of humidity can cause corrosion to firearms. The ideal level of temperature for the gun-safe humidity is 50% at 70 degrees of temperature, and they consider it is the safe level of storage. If the level becomes dryer than this temperature, then there will some problems of shrinking out and drying of the gunstocks. You can also set the humidity level based on the weather condition of your house.

Humidity can destroy guns and any other valuables that are present inside the gun box. Every time when the door of the safe box has opened the moisture can easily get trapped in them and it may slowly rust or ruin the guns quickly and this may lead to permanent damage if you don’t find it early. Some damage is less to the aesthetics, but this can negatively affect their performance. It is very essential to invest in dehumidifiers when you live in humid climates because the slight amount of changes in the level of humidity can cause damage for the guns over a longer time.

You can easily monitor the gun safe humidity by using a hygrometer, and this is a type of tool used to watch the condition and temperature inside the box. You can use this tool to maintain the humidity level to reach 50% or the temperature at 40 to 60% in a minimum range. It is completely easy to use and available at an affordable price.

You can install this gun-safe hygrometer to measure the humidity and internal temperature of the cabinet or gun storage because the excess moisture content may destroy the ammo and malfunctioning your guns. High levels of moisture, even if they are present inside or outside of your gun, can lead to corrosion. Even though if you use the rust cleaners to clear the rust, the rust will fully consume the gun safe and cause high damage to them. You can also use dehumidifiers to maintain the perfect temperature of the gun safe.