A renowned player in the data management and backup solutions arena, has taken a significant step in expanding its services with the acquisition of Cirrus, a move that introduces backup-as-a-service specifically tailored for Microsoft users. In this review, we will delve into Veeam’s strategic expansion into the BaaS market and assess the implications of the Cirrus acquisition.

Key Highlights:

Cirrus Acquisition:Veeam’s acquisition of Cirrus marks a strategic pivot towards catering to the needs of Microsoft users seeking reliable and scalable backup solutions.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS): This move positions Veeam as a prominent provider of BaaS, extending its reach into a market characterized by the growing demand for cloud-based data backup.

Microsoft Focus: By targeting Microsoft users, Veeam taps into a substantial user base that relies on Microsoft services such as Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint.

Seamless Integration: The acquisition is expected to bring about a seamless integration of Cirrus’s expertise with Veeam’s existing services, offering customers a comprehensive backup solution for their Microsoft-centric environments.

Implications and Considerations:

  • Enhanced Microsoft Service Backup: The acquisition is set to benefit Microsoft users who will have access to a dedicated and comprehensive backup service tailored to protect their critical data and applications.

  • Simplified Data Protection:Veeam’s expansion into BaaS means that Microsoft users can expect simplified data protection and recovery options, reducing the complexity of managing backups.
  • Market Competition:Veeam faces stiff competition in the BaaS arena from established players like Microsoft’s own Azure Backup, so the success of this expansion will depend on Veeam’s ability to differentiate its offerings.
  • Cloud Integration: With the integration of Cirrus, Veeam is well-positioned to offer cloud-native backup solutions, catering to the increasing shift towards cloud-based services.


Veeam’s foray into the backup-as-a-service market with the acquisition of Cirrus signals a strategic expansion that will likely benefit Microsoft users seeking reliable and user-friendly backup solutions for their critical data. While this move enhances Veeam’s presence in the data management landscape, it also places the company in direct competition with established players. Veeam’s ability to provide seamless and cost-effective BaaS solutions will determine the success of this strategic expansion. The acquisition is a clear response to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals relying on Microsoft services, and it’s poised to simplify data protection for this user base.