Promote Services

Many companies think of portable trade shows when developing their products, but a fantastic number of service-based companies avoid agreements because they consider them to be a poor return on investment. Although the design of a commercial exhibition of an intangible element is more complex, it is indeed not impossible. Thanks to the intelligent use of demonstrations, smart media and regular features that attract the attention of visitors, their units can be more than useful: they can be crucial elements of your marketing program. Besides, you can benefit from the use of small worktops, which are often too small for exhibitors.

Attractive design for your portable exhibits

All companies want striking designs, but this is especially important for a company that has less open interest due to the lack of images of its products. If possible, you should use all the photos you can get from your service in practice. For example, if you are promoting a new type of massage therapy, you can get pictures of your employees to help others. If you show something with no visible results, you can look at the stock photo, but use it with caution.

Well-made media makes all the difference.

No matter how small your exhibition will be, you can still take advantage of one of the latest innovations in the field of conventional technologies: the ability to seamlessly integrate media into your device. When it comes to an intangible product, the press is a crucial step in developing customer confidence and helping to understand their services. He can and should provide a detailed explanation of everything he offers, whether purely intangible or with some apparent advantages. Show each step, explain in a clear language with a multitude of images, why you contribute something useful for visitors to the exhibition.

small portable business screens

Demonstrations are crucial in your commercial exhibition

If possible, you should have a demonstration. This may mean that every half hour it shows whether it is especially difficult to use its intangible object for the visitor. However, ideally, portable displays allow visitors to experience what you offer. If it is a service that can be easily divided into shorter sections, such as massage or perhaps a video game, it can provide visitors with an idea of what to expect from the treatment or the completed game.

Size is less critical for intangible assets.

Promotion of many products requires a lot of space. When it comes to more promotion service, you can instead use small portable business screens and countertops. You do not have much of the necessary area needed because you have little or no goods to occupy. Although this may seem a disadvantage, it is an advantage, since you spend much less on building your stand. Your presentation, media, and demos are what sell your intangibles. No matter how small or large your portable exhibition sample is, you can always succeed if you use these fundamental elements wisely.