CBD calming chews for dogs

Many dog owners are unaware that their pets suffer from stress and anxiety just as humans do. Dogs can undergo increased heart rate, panting, drooling, chewing or licking furniture and other items in their home, and attempted elimination in the house when they are stressed. A recent study published on behalf of the National Institutes of Health also found that dogs experience a range of emotions, such as anger, sadness, and joy, just like we do!


Learn about how Holistapet’s CBD treats for Anxiety can be used to help restore balance to your dog’s life by reducing stress-related behavior and calming them down during periods of high anxiety. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an essential component of medical cannabis, and it is one of more than 60 compounds found in the marijuana plant. This cannabinoid has become very popular over recent years, and it has been used for a variety of different reasons. It can be used for both physical and mental health problems, so people often use it to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety/depression, and other health issues. It consists of terpenes and cannabinoids, which are the chemical components that make up the marijuana plant. The difference between medical marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) oil is that the latter does not contain THC, which is a psychoactive compound found in marijuana.


There are a range of studies showing the benefits of using CBD oil, but many people still do not realize how it can help them, even if they are suffering from a number of different health concerns. There are a few different ways that CBD can be used, and the most important thing to note is that it will not get you high or produce any negative side effects.

CBD calming chews for dogs


The versatility of cannabis is one reason why there are so many potential ways it can be used to help you and your pet. It has been proven that CBD can be used effectively in a number of different ways. One study showed how dogs who were given medical marijuana resulted in reduced anxiety levels, and this is just one example of how people have found great value in using CBD for dogs.


Patients who use medical marijuana often think that they are going to get high, but they can rest assured that this is not the case at all. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to reduce pain, inflammation, and even diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. It has also been proven that people who use medical marijuana do not experience any negative effects at all.



Cannabidiol (CBD) is emerging as the latest natural remedy that can be used to treat a range of different health problems. It is considered to be basically safe, and you should feel comfortable using it with your dog to help them deal with their stress, anxiety, and other issues. It is recommended that you research this further before using CBD oil with your dog, so you are sure that it is the right choice for both of you.