custom jeeps for sale in fullerton

A custom Jeep is a thing of beauty. It isn’t just a vehicle that you use to get from one location to another, nor is it simply a status symbol or fashion accessory. A custom jeeps for sale in fullerton is an extension of your personality, and it’s something that you can bring with you whenever you go out. Whether you’re going on a family trip or hitting the trails with friends, having the right parts installed on your custom Jeep will make it easier than ever before to enjoy being on four wheels instead of two feet (or paws).

Lift kits

You can also get a lift kit to make your Jeep taller. Most off-roaders find that this is the best way to gain ground clearance and increase their approach angle. Lift kits can be installed by a professional or by yourself, so you can do the work yourself if you wish.

Lift kits are available for all types of Jeeps, including Wranglers and Cherokees as well as CJ models. They’re essential for anyone who wants increased ground clearance when going off-roading or over obstacles like rocks and logs in the woods!


Bumpers are the perfect way to add protection to your Jeep. There are many styles of bumpers available, from simple plastic bumpers to metal cages. Bumpers come in different sizes, shapes and materials, so you can choose one that meets your needs perfectly!

Bumpers make an excellent addition to any Jeep vehicle because they protect the body from damage caused by impact with other vehicles or objects. They also add style and personality to a vehicle by giving it a unique appearance that makes it stand out from others on the road.

Brush guards

The first step in protecting your custom jeeps for sale in fullerton is to install a brush guard. Brush guards are installed on the front and back of the Jeep, with specific models available for each side. Brush guards come in a variety of styles; some have grilles and lights, while others are more streamlined. Brush guards can also be made from different materials such as steel or aluminum, and they come in different colors like black or silver.

Roof racks

Depending on your Jeep’s build, you may have the option to add a roof rack. This might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it can be used to hold cargo or accessories. If you have a soft top, for instance, you could use it for storing gear and supplies that you need easy access to during long trips. If you have a hardtop with factory-installed soft top windows (or vice versa), the rack can be used to mount additional equipment such as lights, speakers and more. Depending on where in the country or world your adventure takes place will determine whether or not having this feature is necessary for your vehicle type of choice

custom jeeps for sale in fullerton

Soft top and hard top options

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not you have to choose between a hard top or soft top when buying a Jeep. The answer? You don’t! You can have both.

Jeeps come with two types of tops: the soft top, which is lighter and easier to install but not as durable as a hard top; and the hard top, which is more durable and keeps out the elements better than its soft-top counterpart.

Hard tops are best used off-road because they’re less likely to be damaged by rocks or tree branches during your adventure through nature’s backyard. Soft tops keep out rain much better than hard ones (and thus may be more appropriate for everyday use), but depending on where you live, there might be weeks where it hardly ever rains at all—in which case having a roof that makes getting in and out easier could make sense for daily driving too!


The best part about the custom Jeep craze is that people are able to make their vehicles truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a lift kit, a winch mount or even just some more storage space in your Wrangler—there are endless ways to make it your own. So get out there and start adding some bling!