The wooden floor is one of the oldest types of floor covering and is still very popular today. A hardwood floors in oakland ca look cosy and warm. However, it also makes demands on room humidity and tends to form joints and cracks. If you want to lay wooden floorboards in your living space, the advantages and disadvantages will give you an overview of what you should know about them.

The advantages and disadvantages of wood floors

Pleasant living environment and durability

There are different ways to lay a plank floor. Popular which is mounted on a substructure of those on which the planks are screwed or nailed. This can be visible from above or invisible in the groove. A wood floor with a substructure is elastic and therefore easy on the joints.

However, this type of assembly results in a high installation height. You should therefore check in advance how much space you have for the structure. If only a low installation height is possible, so-called renovation boards, which have a maximum thickness of 15 millimetres, may be suitable. An alternative installation option is glueing the floorboards over the entire surface.

The construction height determines the type of laying of the floorboards

A wooden floor is natural, decorative and creates a cosy atmosphere in the living room. Even without underfloor heating, it is pleasantly warm to the feet. Wood has the natural ability to absorb moisture. In this way, it regulates the humidity in a room and creates a pleasant living environment.

Solid wood floorboards have a thicker wear layer. They can therefore be sanded down and re-treated if necessary, which makes the floorboard extremely durable. A wooden floor can be vacuumed or swept quickly and is therefore very easy to care for.As the floor draws moisture, wiping is only recommended with a slightly damp cloth.

Report room humidity and expansion distances

Since wood is a natural material that expands and contracts, joints and cracks can appear on the floor. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the humidity in the room.