Spot transactions

However, today this market faces serious difficulties associated with problems in its power transmission system and especially due to problems in accessing financing . This is a worrying reality, but there is an option for the commercialization of energy in the Chilean market that has granted financing and technical viability to projects, and today it appears as the great alternative to the spot market . This alternative is the sale of energy at a ” stabilized price “.

Spot exchange rate and Spot transactions

Exact Change offers currency purchase and sale operations, same day and spot value, at a highly competitive price compared to traditional banks and other brokers that provide this service, with the convenience of operating online or by phone.

Competitive prices

Eliminate the risk.

Spot Microsoft transactions are very common in the Forex market since the exchange rate is closed at the time of the transaction.

Fast operations

With spot transactions, the provider receives the payment on the same day. When your provider wakes up he will have already received the payment.

Competitive prices.

  • Competitive prices. Buy and sell foreign currency at a really competitive price. From the first operation you perform with us, savings for the customer is assured.
  • To operate oil, you have to know how spot markets work. Indeed, it is in these markets that crude oil and refined products derived from petroleum are bought and sold in the short term .
  • These markets also set the price of oil prices on a daily basis, which will serve as a reference for prices throughout the world. Specifically, the exchanges take place directly between seller and buyer, who negotiate the difference between the price of the final product and the price of crude oil.