Social Distancing Divider Singapore

Now that the wave of the pandemic has broken & things have started to return to normal, workplaces must be appropriately prepared to assist protect personnel from disease. One of the essential methods to achieve this is by adopting workstation installations, including acrylic virus shields. Singapore firms who utilize acrylic social distancing divider singapore were guaranteed to experience a substantial drop in sick days aspects of the social – and more crucially – safeguarding personnel from dangerous infections from guests. Learn more about

Now more than ever, we must stay attentive to current social distancing tactics in Singapore to help avoid new waves, and these viral shields will accomplish just that.

Why pick table separator panels?

You must purchase the desk dividers from a company that has adequate experience in the field and can deliver what it claims to its customers. You must ensure to get the best and finest quality of products anywhere in Singapore. Pick such glass shields designed to stop the transmission of viruses at your workplace and highly adaptable, too, with the following features.

  • Panels may be modified to whatever size you desire
  • You may pick from different thicknesses of clear acrylic shield
  • They’re simple to solve
  • Perfect for workplaces, restaurants, food stalls, coffee shops, and much more
  • Work excellently for tiny confined spaces


Workers must be protected against sickness now that the wave has broken and things are returning to normal. Workplaces must be ready. Acrylic virus shields installed on workstations are one of the most important ways to accomplish this goal.