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3D animation videos are those that create moving pictures in 3-dimensional effects in the digital arena. It gives an illusion to the eyes of the viewer of life-like images. The images are given depth by providing offset images to both the eyes separately.

Here successive images are passed through very fast giving an impression of actual movement though it is only perceived movement.

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The process of creating 3D videos is as follows.

  • Concept and storyboard creation:

Any visualization starts from idea generation. How the idea is translated into visual appeal is the job of video creators. In 3D form, it is made even more attractive. First, a concept is devised in the form of a story. A series of illustrations that create visual effects of your story is created. Visual effects, sound effects, voice-overs are added to make it realistic. All these blends with each other in the visual.

  • 3D modeling:

Once the storyboard has got the client’s approval, more characters are added to the video. This process is called modeling. All the characters are made into a 3D mesh. There are basically 3 methods to create a 3D model. Depending on the requirement of the project the creators can use any method to create your model. Textures are created after this.

  • Rendering:

This is the next step and is the one that completes 3D video creation. A variety of software is used for this purpose. The use of the latest technology can help in creating mind-boggling videos. The 3D videos with their depth provide a great perspective to the viewer.