Learn new culinary during cooking vacations

The International Kitchen offers various cooking vacations to different destinations across the globe where people can enjoy the new city and lifestyle while learning to get to know how to cook the favorite and popular food of that city or region. It is the wonderful concept as you will be getting to know from the best in the business like famous chefs in the destination city. It is the authentic flavor that you will get to know from the people of the soil.

Famous tours in the Europe

The international Kitchen’s culinary tours in Spain are very famous among the regular people. You get to taste the cured meats, local cheeses paired with freshly baked bread while enjoying the strong sun and tasting the bold wines. Spain is a strong and diverse country which makes it a dream destination for the people who love to try out different cuisines. Each region has its own unique foods.

food tour france

For example, your cooking tour to Barcelona will start with a visit to local market where you can buy the ingredients required to make the meal. From there, you will be heading back to the cooking school where you will be guided and taught to prepare full meals which will normal have three to four dishes. Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region which has strong history date backs to roman period. You can enjoy the local food while viewing the local tourist attraction in the friendly city.

If you are not sure about the duration of the stay, you can leave that to the experts. You can send the enquiry through their website and their tour planner will call you and explain about the cost involved along with other details required by you. Enjoy different cuisines while on the move.