counselling singapore

As our body requires physical therapies, counseling helps in situations of loneliness when you want someone to talk to. With the ongoing stressful lives in Singapore, it is challenging to find the right place to invest your time and money.

Counseling in Singapore

Take the initiative to find out what kinds of services are provided by which professional for mental health issues. counselling singapore is given by a trained psychologist professional. They usually take place once in a while just to meet and talk exchanging your feelings. Although the word ‘therapy’ is used now and then, it also uses art and music media to make you feel stress-free.

Counseling sessions

Various places give free sessions of counseling in Singapore, these places are namely-

  • University health center
  • James cook university Singapore
  • Singapore Buddhist free clinic
  • Silver ribbon Singapore- free calls
  • Samaritans of Singapore
  • Tinkle friend
  • Touch community services
  • Alliance counseling

Reasons for counseling

Should I go for therapy? That’s the first question that arises in our brain when someone speaks of counseling sessions. Multiple symptoms indicate that it is essential to opt for counseling therapies. They are-

  1. Feelings of overwhelm
  2. Resentment or anger
  3. Agoraphobia
  4. Intrusive thoughts
  5. Apathy
  6. Hopelessness
  7. Withdrawal socially


It is not easy to speak about mental health even in the world of globalization. It is still considered to be a subject of taboo. More and more people are coming forward to make therapy and counseling known to people who must have not even thought that they needed one. If you need one, then there are amazing free counseling in Singaporewith the best people who can help you understand your anxious situations and take you out of them.