Selling your car is not as difficult as it was a few years earlier. You can sit in your home and advertise your car and your car would be sold. However, if you are new to selling used luxury cars in chicago, we are going to guide you through the process of selling your car.

Research and Price Your Car

Right pricing is a very crucial thing while selling your car. The price of your car should be effective so that the customers are interested in buying your car.  In order to do so, you will need to find out the worth of your car and the price which the people are ready to spend on similar cars. You can search through various websites for information on the price range of your particular model.

Once you find out the average price of the same model of your car, you are price your car accordingly. However, it is better if you leave a little room for yourself for negotiation with the buyer so that you can sell your car at the price that you expected it to sell.

Guide for selling your car

Advertise Your Car

Advertising is a very important factor in the process of selling your car. You need to let the people know that you are willing to sell your car. The better you advertise, the far this information is reachedand better are the chances of you getting a good deal for your car. You can do this by advertising your cars on various online selling websites. Some of the websites charge for listing cars on the websites while some allow it to be completely free.

If you are posting your advertisement online, you need to make sure that you upload a lot of photos of your car and from different angles. Make sure that every part of your car is clearly visible. Also mention about the scratches and dents in your car, if any. You also need to write a few phrases about your car and your willingness to sell it. Most importantly, provide your contact number so that other interested buyers can contact you regarding your car and any other queries.

Show Your Car

You are likely to get a few calls and a number of visitors after your advertisement. The interested buyers would want to have a look at the car up-front and might also want for a test drive with your car. The buyers would feel comfortable if you answer all her questions regarding your car openly. If the buyer feels that you are hiding some facts about your car, they could feel uncomfortable and might not be willing to buy your car. Once everything is done, you could sell off your car to the buyer.


After you have sold your car, it is the responsibility of the buyer to look after it.