used cars in chandler

If you’re in the market for a new car, but are trying to avoid the high costs associated with the purchase, a used car may be your best option. While buying used cars in chandler is not always guaranteed to save money, it can often pay off by avoiding additional parts and repairs that most new cars need over time.

Comparison of new vs used car prices


Car manufacturers typically build new cars by the tens of thousands at their factories. As you can imagine, that makes building a vehicle incredibly expensive. Since the quality and complexity of new car models varies greatly, you can imagine that prices vary greatly as well.

Some cars are built only by one manufacturer, while others have several manufacturers producing the same model. For example, the Nissan Versa is produced by Nissan alone. However, the Toyota Corolla is made not just by Toyota but also by Subaru and Daihatsu.


Generally, the more options a new car has the higher its price will be. For example, a Kia Optima EX is relatively simple and straightforward compared to the Kia Optima EX-L, which offers more features for about $1000 more cost.

Trim level

The trim level of a car generally corresponds to what features are included in that model. For example, the Kia Soul has four trim levels: base, mid-level luxury, premium and top-level luxury.

used cars in chandler


The cost of gas in the United States varies greatly depending on location. For example, a gallon of gas in New York City will cost more than a gallon of gas in California. Another factor that affects the price of a new car is the amount of miles that it was driven by the previous owner. If the car has fewer miles, then it will generally be cheaper than cars with more miles.


One important factor is your location and where you are purchasing the car from. For instance, a Ford Ranger might cost more in New York City than it costs in Nashville.

Manufacturer rebates

Manufacturers often provide incentives to reduce the cost of their cars. Some incentives are offered through dealerships by reducing the price of a new car directly, while others are provided by manufacturers themselves when you purchase a car through them directly or use certain financing companies.