Before knowing the answer, you need to know about melanin. It is pigment in your skin, hair, and eyes, and it decides the color of these things. People with lighter skin tones have less amount of melanin than those with darker skin tones. This melanin level is based on the genetics of the individuals, and so, it is clear that each and everyone has a different melanin level in their skin. This melanin acts as a barrier against the harmful Ultraviolet rays entering into the body of a person.

When you have more of this natural skin protector in your skin, you have a lower risk of sunburn. Thus, there is less chance for you to suffer from skin cancer due to the UV rays. But when your melanin is present in a lesser amount, you are prone to skin damage and skin cancer when it is exposed to the sun. Sunburns are much common to you, and to avoid suffering from these things, you have to induce producing more melanin in your skin. But to date, there is no proof that food items and supplements can increase the level of melanin found in the skin.

However, eating nutritious food may help the skin to protect your skin from sun damage. When you want to increase the melanin level, you have to buy melanotan ii on the internet. It is a peptide that helps you to increase the pigmentation of your skin tone. This lab-based chemical, when injected under the skin, will increase the melanin production in your body. Thus, you can have a darker skin tone than ever before. This way, you do not need to stay under the sun for hours. Moreover, you can avoid the risk of skin cancer from the UV rays penetrating your skin.

It is the simplest way to get darker skin, as it replicates the hormone in your body, which stimulates the melanin production in your skin. You can buy this injection on the internet. Before letting it into your body by injecting, you have to ensure that it is diluted in water.