Best Fake Pee For Drug Test

Fake urine can be used when you’re scheduled drug test is coming up way too fast and you’re not sure your body can fully detoxify by then. This is one sure of passing the test. It is understandable that some people find it uncomfortable. The idea of using different urine isn’t allowed. But there are specific reasons why other people do this. With proper management and a few tips, you’ll surely pass your drug tests without any issue.

If you’re thinking of using fake urine, then you must remember the following tips:

It can’t be used in every drug test

Some drug test types are more advanced compared to others. You can’t simply switch lab samples into fake urines for your own convenience. It’s necessary to do your research beforehand. That way, you can decide if it’s something you should worry about or you can just use fake pee to help you through the entire test. It’s quite easy to find basic details about certain lab tests online.

No. You can’t borrow pee from others

Others will tell you that this works. And maybe yeah, it worked for them. But you must know the risks that come with using another person’s urine for lab testing. First and foremost, just because they assured you they’re clean doesn’t mean they actually are if you can’t be sure about it. Aside from that, you also need to consider the temperature differences. Any mismatch will cause for sample disqualification.

used synthetic urine

Keeping it warm

It’s important to keep fake urine at the right temperature. Natural pee came directly from the body. And if you can notice, it’s usually warmer regardless of external temperature. During a lab test, the temperature is one of the things considered and measured. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep things warm. Fake urine is manufactured so it won’t be naturally warm.

Buying high-quality synthetic urine

I used synthetic urine and worked” is something that many people often say the moment they pass their drug tests. But synthetic urine can only work if it’s chosen properly. There are numerous brands to choose from. And quality and features vary so you need to be specific about what you will purchase. Always start with trusted stores and create your own guidelines for choosing. Never go for poor quality no matter how cheap it is.

Always follow the different instructions indicated in the label so the sample submitted won’t be rejected by the lab and you won’t suffer from any issues.