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With more and more social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, the need for public relations has never been higher. And with the changing technologies and new-age communication, PR professionals must stay on top of trends to advocate effectively for their clients.

Take some advice on how PR professionals can remain efficient while maintaining personal relationships with their end clients to learn what they should do next.

To keep up-to-date and efficiently plan your reputation campaign, you must know the trends in public relations and social media. Here are four trends that PR professionals should be aware of.

The first trend is the involvement of social media in public relations. Rather than using traditional methods, PR professionals like Ronn Torossian these days are using Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks as a way to reach their end clients with personalized messages. This type of communication leaves less room for miscommunication or misunderstanding and gives clients a personal touch which is highly valued by many consumers today.

Ronn TorossianRonn Torossian

The second trend is using the internet to build relationships with key audiences. PR professionals must learn how to use websites, blogs, and other social media outlets to stay up-to-date and keep their end clients. This allows them to keep their end clients’ attention through innovative content and makes it easier for them to reach out personally to get information about products or services.

The third trend is that social media tools are becoming more sophisticated and flexible. PR professionals can now build a personalized website, blog, and social media platforms to keep their end clients more customized with their communication.

The fourth trend is now being recognized as a professional who can use the internet for PR purposes as a viable career. Because of the ever-expanding fields of online marketing and social media, PR professionals can be hired to work within these fields via independent or public relations firms.

These trends all come together to create a highly flexible and efficient combination. By dealing effectively with the digital landscape using the new tools provided by social media, PR professionals can manage their reputation campaigns more effectively.

As the trends continuously change due to changing technologies, PR professionals must adapt not to fall behind.


Public Relations is a dynamic and growing industry that places high value on having the right mindset. Being well versed in social media and how it affects today’s consumers is essential. This way, you can make public relations relevant in the ever-changing digital world. Knowing how to use social media effectively will make the public relations industry a seamless part of life for everyone.