Reasons for getting tattooed on

There are many reasons and points to speak for a tattoo. Many people since olden days get 타투 on different parts and are on their body and even now many people love getting tattooed on.

  1. A tattoo looks cool

No matter what some people say, a tattoo is cool.  Provided the motif is suitable.  Trite things like “I love my Mom” are classics, but worn out.  The same goes for Asian characters.  Most of them don’t mean what the tattoo artist told the client anyway.  Quite different, however, are original ideas, for example an eagle jumping through a burning tire on a motorcycle and screaming profanity in the process.  That makes something.

  1. A tattoo stands for individuality

A tattoo underlines the individual character of the wearer.  Because a tattoo can express everything: a hobby, the favorite team or other preferences.  The name of the beloved partner on the bare skin is also a sign of individuality.  For obvious reasons, the latter is not recommended.

  1. A tattoo marks a phase of life

However, it is recommended to remember important events.  There are many significant periods in a person’s life that will not be forgotten: be it engagement or marriage, the birth of a child or the death of a loved one.  Some we think back to with joy, others fill us with sadness.  We don’t want to forget anyone.  The best way to do this is with a tattoo.  Because a tattoo is always with the wearer and usually lasts a lifetime.  So the memory stays fresh too.


  1. A tattoo is used to show off in the summer months

The public should be able to admire the tattoo, otherwise it would be pointless.  And what time is best for this than the warm summer months.  But why wait so long, the weather is getting warmer and warmer in winter.  Dressing more freely is now possible for several months.  Then it’s time to put on a t-shirt, pair of shorts and proudly present the tattoo to your fellow human beings.

  1. A tattoo looks dangerous

At the same time, the exposed tattoo can serve as protection.  Many people are both easily impressed and put off by a tattoo.  The tattoo wearer not only looks cool, but also dangerous.  Annoying bullying on the street is a thing of the past.  By the way has it always been your dream to join a notorious street gang then certainly getting the right tattoo is the first step towards it.