Award-giving organizations create Awards for several goals, while individuals and groups distribute rewards for various reasons. The fact that you want to establish your status and reputation is, of course, one of the reasons. Because, when you deliver an award, you have to be able to communicate a sense of importance. This signifies that you are well-known in the community.Another element connected to this is the desire to leave a lasting legacy for your descendants.

Justifications for giving awards


  • You may observe an increase in productivity simply because the employee now has a clear goal other than earning a paycheck.
  • Human beings want to be appreciated and feel as though they have earned that regard. Prizes should be awarded to those who achieve their goals and make them a reality. People want to be victorious.
  • The majority of big business websites report that employees prefer respect and recognition over higher wages.
  • Having the sense that you have earned someone’s respect is a huge achievement, and feeling valued in the job may serve as an incentive for workers.
  • By articulating the objectives and what happens when they reach them, they will be more successful. It might signify that a more significant number of goals will be achieved.

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Awards also ignite passion across the organization

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